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Our journey started in 1983, when our Founder, Mr Mahanama Perera, set up our Board of Investment of Sri Lankan (BOI) approved factory in the cool climes of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

The factory had a workforce of nearly 500 people, mostly from the surrounding rural areas, helping uplift their lives by providing them much-needed employment opportunities.

We focus on manufacturing some of the world’s finest 100% handmade false eyelashes for the export market.

We manufactured two types of products – Strip Lashes and Individual Lashes. We use only human hair as they are natural, eco-friendly and superior in quality. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to help you obtain the world’s finest 100% handmade false eyelashes to sell in your country or region

Our Vision

To bring confidence and beauty to the eyes of millions through our 100% handmade false eyelashes

Our Mission

To become the world’s best manufacturer of 100% handmade false eyelashes

Our Values


We will show respect to all stakeholders of our business, irrespective of what our differences may be


We will demonstrate passion every day, in everything we do


We will always work in a fair, honest and open manner

Team Work

We will ensure that we work as a team every step of the way


We will nurture a business that can meet all challenges and operate at a high level for the foreseeable future


We will focus on delivering the very best to all our stakeholders at all times


It is true to say that the eyes are the door to human soul. Long and beautiful eyelashes are the dream of every women irrespective of the age. The false eyelashes are a kind of beauty product, an art designed for the eye that has been around for decades to enhance the length and thickness of eyelashes and to give a beautiful vibe to the eyes. Many fashionable ladies like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, the correct use will make the eyes lovely. The adoption of trends by consumers, is driving the false eyelashes market.

I commenced introducing false eyelashes to the international market in 1983 and subsequently to the Sri Lankan market. We produce strip lashes out of human hair and individual lashes from synthetic fiber. Being the sole manufacture of false eyelashes in Sri Lanka to date, I’m proud to say we have managed to enhance our sales in Sri Lanka to 40% by mid of 2019. Since we use natural human hair for the production, the lashes are in light weight which highlights the natural look and gives a beautiful vibe to the eyes that further enhances the beauty.

Our mission is to become a world class false eyelashes manufacture offering wide range of eyelashes according to consumer preference at an affordable price to home as well as international market.

Mahanama Perera

Mahanama Perera
Chairman / Managing Director

Why choose MFP?

We've been working for almost half century only to create the most beautiful false eyelashes. The Management together with the fantasy and delicacy of beauty & art concepts and advanced technologies.

Decades of experienceOur Founder, Mr. Mahanama Perera, entered the industry in 1983 and therefore have over 35 years of experience in manufacturing world-class 100% handmade false eyelashes
Highest standards of qualityWe have a stringent 3-step quality control process that ensures that we meet the highest standards of quality for all our products
Exceptional teamOur team consists of key individuals who have over 20 years of experience in the industry. They are dedicated, hard-working professionals who know every aspect of the manufacturing process and how to deliver a high-quality product that exceeds the expectations of our clientele.
Streamlined operationsDuring the 35 years, our manufacturing process has been constantly streamlined to enhance quality, increase operational efficiencies and boost productivity. The end result is that our clients get a top quality product in lesser time.
Trust & understandingSince inception, we have gone the extra mile to understand our customers' requirements and deliver on time, every time and at the best possible price. This has helped both parties to build a deep sense of trust and understanding.
Research & developmentWe have our in-house research team that works closely with the Management and Marketing Teams to create new styles. As a result, we have been able to introduce new styles on a regular basis to meet the evolving needs of today's fashionable end users.

We have the manpower and the expertise to produce up to 1 Million of eyelashes per month.

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What They Say

I love Midriks Eyelashes, as they are affordable and so durable. They look full and are comfortable.
“I trully Recommand lashes for any occation”

- Randima Siriwrdana, Salon Hansaroo - Colombo


We strongly believe that our business should improve the quality of life of people from rural parts of Sri Lanka.

Our business model has been tailored to promote sustainability as well as self-employment, mainly among women. If an employee has to stay at home to raise a family, we offer them the option of earning money by putting their skills to good use from the comfort of their homes. Our team delivers raw materials to the employee's home, thereby allowing them to work as and when they have free time. Once their work is complete, our team returns to pick up the finished goods and compensates them for the work completed. This model allows them to uplift their lives by obtaining an additional income for the family while staying home and raising a family. It also boosts their confidence and gives them the opportunity to put their skills to good use.